Andrew Jones

Frontend developer with a specialty in research & development and project management.


React Native
Unreal Engine 4
Data Analysis



Software Engineer @ Corra

Front-end Development internship where I took a leadership role.

Despite starting as "only" an intern, I took the Progressive Web Application concept all the way from an idea to a major movement within our company and clientele. I developed prototypes, trained developers, advocated for the project across our org, and more. I am currently working on a new platform-agnostic Next.js e-commerce accelerator using TypeScript.

Download my resume for more info!

FWRD, the accelerator I led development of.

Case study on one of our clients.

A sample e-commerce PWA developed at Corra

Talk to Anyone - AI Chat App

JavaScriptReact NativeAIGPT-3APIs

I created a chat app using React Native, powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 API. I studied and experimented with the API to find the right settings for the app.
Check out more details and two video demoshere.

Screenshots of the artificial intelligence-powered chat app I created

COVID-19 Research

JavaScriptReactData Analysis

I led a research project on the system dynamics of the global spread of COVID-19, which culminated in a research paper that was published in an Elsevier journal. I developed a data analysis dashboard in JavaScript which the project centered around.

The Dashboard I created to analyze the data

The published paper.

Data analysis dashboard I created to study COVID-19 spread


React NativeApp Development

ShareSheets allows users to share their contact information and social media accounts by creating and scanning QR codes. It is cross-platform (iPhone, iPad, and Android), and completely written in React Native using an Expo-managed workflow. Check it out on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ShareSheets on the App Store
ShareSheets - React Native with Expo

Mars Weather Widgets

SwiftUIREST APIApp Development

I developed this app to learn about SwiftUI and iOS Widgets. It allows users to view the weather on Mars on their iOS homescreen, and also has widgets which just display Mars photography. The app can only function when NASA has data available.

Mars Weather on the App Store
Screenshots of my widget app


ReactJSNextJSStatic-Site GenerationCSS

Weatherer is a NextJS site featuring static site generation, with page revalidation. This means that even if 1000 people request the weather for the same zip code in a small period of time, the server will only render the page once, and a super fast edge-cache will send static HTML to the other 99 users.

Try it out here!
Weatherer - NextJS

Space Station: Run

Unreal Engine 4App Development

Space Station: Run is an endless-runner iOS game, with a unique anti-gravity mechanic. This project was created using Blueprints. While the assets came from an asset pack, I created all of the logic for map generation, door movement, coin creation, powerups, etc. I also created the particles using Cascade. The game now has over 11000 downloads.

Space Station: Run on the App Store
Space Station: Run - Unreal Engine 4 iOS App